Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum - Facts & Figures
Stuttgart, Germany

2001 Architectural competition
January 2002 First prize in the architectural competition awarded to
UN Studio van Berkel & Bos
17 September 2003 Foundation laying ceremony for the new Mercedes-Benz Museum
3 March 2004 Topping-out ceremony for the new Mercedes-Benz Museum
19 May 2006 Inauguration

Architect UN Studio van Berkel & Bos, Amsterdam
Museum design Prof. H.G. Merz, Stuttgart
Builder/owner DaimlerChrysler Immobilien (DCI) GmbH

Height of the building 47.5 meters
Total area Approx. 53,000 sq. meters
Floor space 4,800 sq. meters
Exhibition space 16,500 sq. meters
Interior space 210,000 cubic meters
Levels 9
Number of vehicles exhibited 175

Contracts with companies and
engineering firms 246
Plans 35,000
Cables in concrete 630,000 meters
Concrete 120,000 tons
Building foundations 850 reinforced concrete piles
Polyethylene pipes 100 kilometers
Lights 12,000
Glass frontage 14,000 sq. meters

Site factors
Geographic position Latitude 48.76° north
Longitude 9.18° east
Levation above sea level 359 meters
Local temperature conditions Min. temperature – 15.4 °C
Max. temperature 33.2 °C

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