Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom-Liquid Dream by Piotr Cegielski


This project was designed for an international competition organised by Cevisama Indi called ‘Bathroom Design Competition’ in january 2009. The competition is an integral part of annual fair that is taking place in Valencia, and is meant to be the leading event for architectural ceramics, interior design and bathroom furnishing. Along with Dagmara Pawłowska, with whom I colaborated, we tried to face this year’s competition theme - ‘Liquid Dreams’

‘… bathroom is the most private, among all spaces in the house. It is a place where we can compose oneself, and hear ourselves, let our body relax, clear up our minds…


‘…joining bath-tub, sauna-floor and shower is an attempt of linking together functions and at the same time locating them as a simple expressive shape.’


‘ The very best surroundings apropiate for meditation and rest, are those created by nature. … an example of such spaces are caves or thermal sources, which are filled with variety of different mineral forms.’


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